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This is the most comfortable bra you will own.

I LOVE these tanks!

Shapeez tanks are quite simply the very best! I am so glad I found them. I was wearing the wriong size and am grateful to the person who helped me online pick the proper size. Such a difference!

The Shortee
Most comfortable bra I ever owned

I was a bit doubtful about the support that I would get with a branthat pulls over my head but I was pleasantly surprised. It is easy to put on and very comfortable. The bra does not dig into my shoulders and distributes the weight evenly across my shoulders. The fact that it smooths my back is just a bonus. I took off one star only because the rings that hold the straps to the back of the bra squeek everytime I move my arms. A small price to pay for such a comfy bra.


Great service and happy with smaller size. Thankyou

Clothes fit again!!!

Love this minimizer bra. My tops fit again! I find these Shapeez bras very comfortable to wear all day long. Keeps everything in place. I have all the styles, long and short. They are the only thing I wear.

Very happy customer

I’m very pleased with this product, it’s a perfect fit, it also arrived very fast, I will buy from you again , the lady that took my order, was really helpful,I appreciate your customer service, thank you.

The Tankee Long

Get fit

Loved it and minimized my bulges

Love it!


Was a bit hard to get on at first. Comfortable. Very satisfied.

Love my Shapeez . Fits perfect and love the smoothness

The Shortee
Shapeez Bra

Love my new Bra

Best bra ever!

No more Victoria secrect for me


Very very pleased with my new Shapeez long line garmet and will be purchasing more.

Tankee Long

Fast and accurate service. I love the tankee long bra for smoothing out a little back fat !This is my third Shapeez bra in 2.5 yrs.... they last long if you wash them by hand with gentle fabric soap and hang to dry.

This is a great product.

The Shortee
Smooth Comfort!!

I've never owned/worn a more comfortable bra. Another best besides comfort is no back bulge!! I bought just two to start with but I will definitely buy some more.

The Shortee
The Best!

I love my bra! It really is wonderful. Customer service is incredible! I can’t wait to order another!!

The Silkee Long

This is my 2nd purchase of this product. I can't say enough about this garment. Comfortable, fits amazing, smooths out everything. I can't live without it. Love it

Great bra shaper

Fantastic shaper bra . Keel or side under arms and under breasts a bit tight but sure solved the back fat bulge and gave me amazing lift . Should be made a little larger through the back or sides to accomadate the larger wearer. 5 stars . Conventional bras are very uncomfortable and much less flattering.

HI Laurrie, We do size by your exact upper chest measurement so if the Large was too tight, this simply means your upper chest is larger than 40.5' around which would make sense since your regular bra size is a 42 band. Size up to the XL with the same cup which would be DDD. XL DDD will fit you perfectly.
1x Ultimate Pretty

I love these bras! They fit so well and they are so comfortable!


Comfy and amazing that there’s no back bulging but maybe it’s because my breasts aren’t the firmest anymore after drastic weightloss but of the two sizes I tried, neither is an exact fit. One of my breasts still slightly tips out of the top and I have to tuck it in after upgrading to a bigger cup size (the biggest available). I intend to try a different style and hope for the best because I really do love everything else about it.

Love it !!

This is my second one, it is absolutely perfect at smoothing out your tummy!!!

Love the lower back!!!

Wear Shapeez everyday!!


I am impressed by how precise the chart for the measurements is and the delivery was much faster than mentioned