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In 2007 when we first launched the Shapeez.com website, we had only one style — The Ultimate. To this day, nothing on the market compares to this back smoothing bra wonder. (The name “Wonder Bra” was already taken!) It was an instant success and Shapeez grew what seemed like overnight! Since that time, we have launched more than 12 different versions of our basic Ultimate, all with the same concept: support in the front, smooth in the back, with unbelievable comfort.

Today, I want to talk a little bit about the different styles and why they were designed. Each style was designed for a purpose and I hope that by reading this you will have a better understanding of the uniqueness of each style and why you need it. There is a style for everyone!

1) The Ultimate & Ultimate Pretty

Ultimate Ultimate Pretty

For when you want a seamless, foam cup bra with the most back coverage but also want to slim your tummy, back and banish muffin top. Most women have fleshy back underarm areas (officially called “The Axillary Fat Pads”) and the Ultimate was designed high under the back underarm to encase all of this fleshy area so that nothing would “bulge” out over the seams. Some people ask why the back neckline was designed so high around the neck. The reason was because I wanted a seamless look under fitted tops so I designed the neckline to follow a typical top or blouse. See the Ultimate and the Ultimate Pretty.

2) The Shortee


This is for the woman who doesn't want or need tummy control but still wants a foam cup bra and a smooth back. The back underarm and neckline are identical to the Ultimate. See the Shortee.

3) The Lacee Long

Lacee Long

This is for the woman who wants to minimize her layering. It's a 3-in-one garment. Slip this on and you have your molded cup bra (yes it's hidden inside), torso trimmer, and camisole all-in-one. Wear this under a blazer and it's all you need. The lace at the bottom has holding power, so over a pair of jeans, it actually becomes the belt! No more having to pull up your jeans as you move throughout the day. See the Lacee Long.

4) The Tankee Long

Tankee Long

This style was designed for cut-in tank tops. We had a lot of requests for a style with a low back neckline and the Tankee style has the lowest back. The back arm, the shoulder line, and the straps were all brought inward to expose more of the back shoulder blade area so that it would be seamless with summer tops and dresses. It has the same cups as the Ultimate as well as the tummy control. See the Tankee Long.

5) The Tankee Short

Tankee Short

This is a cropped version of the Tankee Long except the back neckline is not as low. This style is a favorite in warmer climates and is also for days you want less back and tummy coverage. See the Tankee Short.

6) The Tankee Slip

Tankee Slip

This style was designed to be worn under dresses and skirts and hits right above the knee. The hem of the slip is slightly A-LINE so that you have room when you sit and move to avoid the body of the garment to ride up. There have been times I've worn the Tankee Slip out for an evening with a fitted cropped zip up sweater. It looked like I was wearing a skirt and a sweater! See the Tankee Slip.

7) The Silkee Long Minimizer

Silkee Long

This style is a NON FOAM version of the ULTIMATE. This style cup was designed for women with fuller breasts. The cups have a beautiful molded shape made from a seamless rigid fabric that we've double laminated so that it minimizes nipple show through and also it gives the appearance of a smaller size on women with fuller breasts. See the Silkee Long.

8) The Silkee Short Minimizer

Silkee Short

This style has a special place in my wardrobe because it's all I wear! So you can say this is a designer favorite! This is a cropped version of the Silkee Long and I can't live without it. I prefer these cups to the foam because I don't want to add fullness to my size. See the Silkee Short.

9) The Demee Long

Demee Long

This is our newest style and was designed for the woman who has less fullness to her breasts. The body of the garment most resembles the TANKEE LONG but is cut slightly smaller around the body giving a bit more tummy control. In the smaller cup sizes, the cups have padding along the bottom and sides to lift and push in the breasts, creating more cleavage and fullness at the top. This is our sexiest cup style and so gorgeous! See the Demee Long.

10) The Demee Short

Demee Short

This is our newest style and was designed for the woman who has less fullness to her breasts. We had many requests for a style with a front closure and after a year of design, we're thrilled to bring it to market. The sides of this cropped version of the Demee Long are dipped lower to smooth the side bulge at the ribcage. See the Demee Short.

11) The Sportee


The bra that helps you look slimmer while you sweat! The Sportee is an active version of our Tankee Short. The back is made from a firm support wickable and breathable stretch mesh. Even at the gym, you should have the full support and the smooth back you have grown accustomed to by wearing Shapeez bras every day! See the Sportee.

Staci Berner
Staci Berner

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